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A career is a journey and not a destination. Kyna Associates has helped technology, change and executive careers flourish since 2002 and played an active role in the career journeys of board level directors and industry leading SME’s, with many relationships stretching back to the earliest of positions.


Regardless of seniority, deciding on your career path can be solitary, unsupported and at risk of other peoples agendas and social constructs.


Designing and writing a CV can seem like the hardest text to write, knowing where and how to look for opportunities amongst a myriad of advertisers and social media platforms is very confusing, interviews and tests can be daunting and challenging and negotiating offers and resignations full of uncertainty.


Whilst many people get to the pinnacle of their careers with a sense of achievement and pride and financial reward, many others aren’t content with their choices, wish they had chosen different career paths and are disengaged from their position in career and life.


Kyna Associates can coach you to ensure you are making the right career choices to match your passions, aspirations and abilities and help you along each stage of the career search to ensure you have the great opportunity to have the career that you really want


We will help perfect your CV to ensure it has impact and receives maximum interview requests. We will guide you through each stage of the testing and interview process with detailed information and our widely respected interview briefing, coaching and role play to ensure you are truly interview ready.


When you receive an offer we will negotiate the best outcome for all parties, help you with your resignation and ensure a smooth transition from old to new employer and be there to support you in your new role. We can then help you with your new executive strategy build your new team and support you with training and development to ensure this stage of your journey is a success.

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Our understanding of organisational structures and requirements across industry, detailed knowledge of the full spectrum of technology and change positions in the market and understanding current and future skills in demand, ensures we are able to advise on what training and development will best support your aspirations and goals.


We have insight into and relationships with some of the best training providers in the market for their respected speciality, whether it is managerial, technical, commercial or psychological and can help you decide what training is best for you and your team to get where you want to be.

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Associate Network


The name Kyna is Gaelic for wisdom. The ethos of Kyna Associates is the more we associate with wisdom, the wiser we all become.


This is why we partner with best in class businesses to deliver solutions to exceed our clients expectations. We have a vast professional network and wide range of commercial partnerships with industry leading organisations and independent consultancies nationally and internationally and firmly believe in trust and mutually beneficial outcomes.


If we can’t provide an in house solutions to our clients needs then we will find an associate who can.


So if you’re an independent consultant, commercial enterprise, training or outsourcing provider operating in technology or business change domains, then please get in touch to let us know how we can work together.

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