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Change Management 

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Change is inevitable and must be sustainable.

Kyna is an experienced agent of change, supporting many successful organisational change and transformations across two decades. We can be actively involved in developing your change strategy and will connect you with the individuals and organisations you need to make your change a success.


When carefully planned and instigated, change will ensure the survival and success of your business. However, some organisations resist change, while others instigate it too hastily; either course of action can cause big issues for your organisation and its people. 

Our experience and expertise will help enable a smooth, productive change. Talk to us about your change needs and we’ll create a bespoke approach for your organisation.

business process change

Business Process Change

bs process

Whatever your reason for organisational change – whether you’re diversifying, targeting a new market, changing brand, adapting to market forces, adopting new technology, or another reason entirely – you’ll need to adapt and transform your current business processes to support that.


Kyna can help you through each stage of your change and transformation, from analysis, mapping and detailing to modeling and executing the change.


We have years of experience from large, regulated organisations with many departments through to unregulated SMEs with just a small number of employees. We can help you adapt your processes for change.

cultural change

Cultural Change


Cultural change is often overlooked in change strategies, but when an organisation changes, culture needs to adapt with it, to ensure a successful transformation for your people.


Keeping the focus on people and great communication is pivotal to individual engagement and positive collective thinking.


Kyna Associates can support your cultural change, from discovery through to adoption. We can help to find you the cultural change agents you need and involve ‘change champions’ to communicate what’s happening across the workforce.

tech change

Tech Change

kyna technology change

Technology is ever-changing, adapting and advancing, with new software, hardware, tools and software development methodologies emerging at escalating intervals.


When an organisation implements a new operating model, new technology is often required to change to facilitate this.


Kyna Associates team has been involved in driving technological change for two decades, advising on technology strategy for start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals. We can help you develop your tech change strategy, support you through a tech transformation or headhunt a team to create ground-breaking technology, products and new business services.

start up consultancy

Start-Up Consultancy 


Starting up a new business is exciting, but it can also be daunting and lonely. Many new businesses never make it off the starting blocks and those that do often flounder in the initial months or years.

At Kyna, we understand. We have in-depth experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups across a wide range of industries. Our team has exhaustive knowledge of best practice and processes to support you, ensuring that your great idea and concept succeeds as a fully operational, robust business.

Our consultancy service is tailored specifically to you and the needs of your individual business. Talk to us – we’ll be happy to talk about how we can help you.

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