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With expert knowledge of the national and international skills market, we can ensure you have the right strategy to retain your best people, find the right people, recruit and on-board them, nurture and support them to achieve and exceed their objectives, creating a happy, motivated and high performing team.

Organisations are made up of individual people, each unique and distinctive in their needs, ambitions and skill sets. They are the very foundation of your business. 


People strategies needs to be robust, flexible and scalable, to ensure your organisation’s survival and success, but the skills market can be confusing and daunting to navigate. Fortunately, Kyna can help.


search and selection

Search and Selection

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When recruiting for a role, it’s vital to find talent that not only possess the appropriate skills, but who shares the values that are the ethos of your organisation.

Kyna is highly experienced with search and selection, particularly across senior technology management and highly technical SME positions.

We can attract and select the talent your organisation needs, tailoring our approach to your organisation’s needs. We typically use a fully comprehensive system of search, advertising, marketing, selection, profiling, interview, analysis and testing.

Our vast professional network across technology and change management, along with our outstanding reputation amongst executives, thought leaders and technical SMEs, nationally and internationally, gives us access to the world’s top talent.

international Selection

International Selection


It can be easy to get excited at the prospect of international candidates, who perhaps offer skills you can’t find nationally, yet the international recruitment process can be risky, expensive and time consuming.


However, Kyna can help you with all elements of that process. We have extensive experience in searching international markets and channels, interviewing, testing and selecting international candidates, understanding Visa licence applications and the sponsorship process.


It’s important to note that there are many alternatives available to international selection, such as cross training or outsourcing, for example. We can discuss the options and help you make the appropriate choice for your organisation.

Cross training

Cross Training


In the UK in 2021 there are over a million unfilled job vacancies, yet over 1.3 million people remain unemployed. At Kyna, we are passionate about playing an active role in rectifying this situation.

All too often, both organisations and candidates do not invest time and effort in training, waiting instead to find that perfect candidate or opportunity. This results in unfilled vacancies and unemployment.

However, a training programme could be the ideal solution, upskilling strong candidates to fit your organisation’s needs.


With a lengthy, demonstrable track record in identifying training and development needs, we can help you establish the right training solutions and coach your best-fit candidates through the process.

Kyna cross training
Kyna Associates Associate Network.jpg

Associate Network


Kyna Associates can commercially connect your organisation to our network of trusted experts, contractors and consultants for additional short and long-term support, nationally and internationally.


Whilst we focus on headhunting, change management, project management, executive coaching, technology, sales and marketing knowledge, our network also extends to finance, graphic design, copywriting, illustration, animation, video production and music.

Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we’ll help you to make it happen.

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